Pocketoid SP 64: Dragon Quest VIII and Fire Emblem News!

In this episode of Pocketoid:

- We talk a tiny bit our weird relationship with Destructoid (who we love)
- Addison has only been playing Pretty Boy Road Trip (Final Fantasy XV)
- Jordan's been playing a bunch of Persona 3 Portable to prep for Persona 5!
- Impressions for Dragon Quest VIII 3DS!
- Some more Nintendo Switch talk throughout!

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Pocketoid SP 63: Nintendo Switch Reveal With Friends!

In this episode of Pocketoid SP:

- We recorded an episode immediately following the Nintendo Switch reveal conference!
- We recorded with a ton of our friends!
- Some things are outdated as more info has come out oh well
- We're pretty freaking hype for the Switch
- Our favorite reveals!
- Nintendo is still a weirdo and we love them anyway.

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Pocketoid SP 62: 2016 Games of the Year!

In this episode of Pocketoid SP:

- We played games over the holidays!
- Games like Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, Titanfall 2, Steamworld Heist, Pokemon Prism, Jackbox Games, Adventure Labyrinth Story, Gurumin 3D, 
- We actually played some Vita games in the Year of our Lord 2016!?!?!?
- Our favorite handheld games of 2016!!
- We didn't play any of the same games this year!
- We're still hyped for the Nintendo Switch in 2017!

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