Pocketoid SP Episode 2 - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Trails in the Sky, and NX Rumors!

Welcome once again to Pocketoid SP! We're excited to be back so soon! It feels good to be doing the show regularly again. In this episode we've got Addison's impressions of Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Jordan is trying to beat The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and both have discussion about NX rumors! This episode went a little longer than we want for the new show, but I think it's one of our best episodes ever! We hope you enjoy!

Also, how bout dat new sound quality!?

Pocketoid SP Episode 1 - Handheld Games of the Year 2015!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the return of Pocketoid! Now Pocketoid SP! This is our Games of the Year 2015 episode and we'll go ahead and call it the first official episode of Pocketoid SP! We've got a lot of games that you haven't heard our terrible opinions on yet, so sit back and enjoy! 

What were your favorite handheld games of 2015!? Let us know!

Pocketoid SP Episode 0 - Mercenaries Saga 2

Welcome to the first episode of Pocketoid SP!!... Kind of... This was to be sort of a soft launch for Pocketoid SP since it was #PodcastDay and also because we just got tired of waiting around. However, this episode had some audio issues so we are just sharing it as a bonus. 

We hope you enjoy and we'll see you with what comes next!