Pocketoid Episode 21 - Now it's Legal! Also, Amoebattle and Paper Bees Reviews!

This week ALCOHOL! Sorry this episode is so late guys! We had finals and Jordan's wife had surgery, but here it is! Now that the summer has kicked in, things should go much more smoothly. In this episode, we have reviews for the games Amoebattle (DSiware, iOS) and Paper Bees (iOS)! Plus we discuss some news and other games that we've been playing. You know the drill! Either way, this is a fun episode! There may or may not be some drinking...

Pocketoid Episode 20 - Ketzal's Corridors, Bit.Trip.Saga, and Colors! 3D

This week Addison and Jordan talk about SO MANY GAMES!! SOOOOO MANY. Ketzal's Corridors, Bit.Trip.Saga, Xenoblade Chronicles, Phantasy Star Collection, Tales of Symphonia, Lufia: The Legend Returns, Sword of Mana, Dragon Quest 1 & 2, Brain Lord, Cave Noire, Kid Icarus Uprising, and million others. I don't even know guys. Either way, this was a fun episode a it's pretty late, but I think you will enjoy it anyways. Check it out!

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