Pocketoid Episode 18 - Kid Icarus Uprising and Game Gear Games!

This week on Pocketoid we've got a packed episode for you guys! We've been gone for a few weeks now so we have a lot to talk about! We've got reviews lined up for Kid Icarus Uprising, Sonic Triple Trouble, Shinobi GG, Dragon Crystal, and Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! *whew* As usual, there's also some news and lots of off-topic ramblings.The episode is a little long, but we had a lot to talk about so I hope you guys understand.

Either way, we hope you enjoy the episode! Subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a little review as well! We would really appreciate it!

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Pocketoid Episode 17 - MOAR PS VITA, Nintendo Direct, and Dillon's Rolling Western

This week on Pocketoid, we have a pretty awesome episode for you guys! First off, we're joined by Destructoid community bro vApathyv to talk in-depth about the PS Vita. We also cover last week's Nintendo Direct and all the news that came out of that. That's not all though! There was some Pokemon stuff that happened I guess? Something about Black and White 2 or something? We talk about that as well. We've also got thoughts on the iPhone games Ziggurat and Temple Run, a review of the DSiware game Box Pusher, and a whole lot of love for Dillon's Rolling Western!

Like I said, this is a pretty awesome episode! It's also cram-packed with a bunch of stuff! We hope that you guys enjoy it, sorry that it's a little late.