Blast From The Past!

Hey guys, it's me, Addison/Crackity Jones. I just thought I'd share with you a little relic from the olden days that I came across tonight. It's a picture of myself taken with a GameBoy Camera and printed on an old GameBoy Printer. And surprise, surprise I'm surrounded by Pokemon.

Pocketoid Episode 12 - Resident Evil Revelaitons Demo and Tons More!

This week on Pocketoid we have Ian Cheong as a guest with us. Ian runs Gameranx, a website about video games. VIDEO GAMES.

We talk about demos this week, especially the Resident Evil Revelations demo! Some portable news, and a ton of junk that isn't really handheld related but whatevs. So get your party hats on and grab your 3DS and join us for fun times yo! Also, don't forget to rate us on iTunes and subscribe. And hell, tell your friends too while you're at it.

Pocketoid Episode 11 - Mario Kart 7, Pushmo, and Million More Games

AAAANNNNNDDDDD WERE BACK!! Sorry guys, we had a lot of dumb going on but we should be much more regular from now on, we promise this time! In this episode we get all caught up and we discuss Mario Kart 7, Pushmo, and lots of games and junk. So give us a second chance and a listen! WE STILL LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. Theres a bit of dead air at the beginning, sorry about that. There IS an episode after the deadair.