Pocketoid Episode 26: Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage!? and Crashmo!

This week on Pocketoid, We've got reviews for a bunch of games including Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage!? and Jordan's impressions of Crashmo! Addison also bought a WiiU, so we talk about how sweet that beautiful hunk of plastic is. We run through some quick news, talk about ALL THE GAMES and other stuff too. Sorry I was a bit late uploading this episode. Finals and all that. We hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Ummm... Something weird happened and about 30 minutes of the end of the episode got cut out? I'll try to remedy that.

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Pocketoid Episode 25 - Punch Quest Developer Interview and SO many eShop reviews!

This week on Pocketoid, Addison and I interview Paul Pridham and Kepa Auwae, the creators of the official best iPhone game ever, Punch Quest!! Come listen to us talk about cats, dinosaurs, and all the punching your body can handle.

We've also got reviews for a handful of eShop games including Liberation Maiden and stuff about recent 3DS retail games we've demoed including Epic Mickey! Aside from that, we talk about video games we have been playing, as we're wont to do. We think this episode turned out really great and we hope you guys enjoy it!

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Pocketoid Episode 24 - Secret of the Pocket Ooze (Code of Princess, The Denpa Men, and EVERYTHING ELSE)

This week on Pocketoid, AAAAAND WE'RE BACK!! Addison and I just took the week to discuss a whole bunch of games that we've been playing over the last month or two. Also, we've got reviews for Code of Princess and The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave! We hope you guys enjoy the episode! It's good to be back!

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Pocketoid Episode 23 - E3 2012!

This week on Pocketoid omg you guys... E3... Hooray... Listen in for what we thought about the Big 3 conferences and all the portable news from E3 that your body can handle! We also have reviews Rayman (GBC), and 99Seconds (DSi)!

We hope that you enjoy the episode and even though this year's E3 was a pretty big let-down, we still managed to find some cool stories. It's going to be a good year for the 3DS and hopefully the PSVita as well. Listen in and let us know what YOU thought about E3 2012! We love you guys!

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Pocketoid Episode 22 - E3 2012 Predictions!!

This week on Pocketoid OMG YOU GUYS E3!! Listen in for our E3 predictions and also some reviews for the last couple of Virtual Console games to release on the 3DS eShop. This episode is great and you will enjoy it. I promise.

Also, did you realize that this episode marks ONE YEAR OF POCKETOID!? How about that? That's pretty awesome I suppose. Thanks so much for listening over the last year guys! Here's to many more! What are your E3 predictions?? Let us know!

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Pocketoid Episode 21 - Now it's Legal! Also, Amoebattle and Paper Bees Reviews!

This week ALCOHOL! Sorry this episode is so late guys! We had finals and Jordan's wife had surgery, but here it is! Now that the summer has kicked in, things should go much more smoothly. In this episode, we have reviews for the games Amoebattle (DSiware, iOS) and Paper Bees (iOS)! Plus we discuss some news and other games that we've been playing. You know the drill! Either way, this is a fun episode! There may or may not be some drinking...

Pocketoid Episode 20 - Ketzal's Corridors, Bit.Trip.Saga, and Colors! 3D

This week Addison and Jordan talk about SO MANY GAMES!! SOOOOO MANY. Ketzal's Corridors, Bit.Trip.Saga, Xenoblade Chronicles, Phantasy Star Collection, Tales of Symphonia, Lufia: The Legend Returns, Sword of Mana, Dragon Quest 1 & 2, Brain Lord, Cave Noire, Kid Icarus Uprising, and million others. I don't even know guys. Either way, this was a fun episode a it's pretty late, but I think you will enjoy it anyways. Check it out!

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Pocketoid Episode 19 - Kid Icarus Uprising Spoilers, Xenoblade, and Toonami

Hey! Guess what! This episode is really late. Sorry about that... Jordan's internet got knocked out by lightning and we were unable to post the episode for a loooooong time. Anyway, this episode is a good length and we think you'll enjoy it. There wasn't a ton to talk about, so we ended up talking a bit more about Kid Icarus and whole lot about Xenoblade Chronicles and Toonami! All of those things are awesome, so you should enjoy. We hope you like it!
AlSO!! From this point forward, Pocketoid will be bi-weekly! It will mean less episodes, but we will also have more to talk about. Hooray!
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Pocketoid Episode 18 - Kid Icarus Uprising and Game Gear Games!

This week on Pocketoid we've got a packed episode for you guys! We've been gone for a few weeks now so we have a lot to talk about! We've got reviews lined up for Kid Icarus Uprising, Sonic Triple Trouble, Shinobi GG, Dragon Crystal, and Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! *whew* As usual, there's also some news and lots of off-topic ramblings.The episode is a little long, but we had a lot to talk about so I hope you guys understand.

Either way, we hope you enjoy the episode! Subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a little review as well! We would really appreciate it!

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Pocketoid Episode 17 - MOAR PS VITA, Nintendo Direct, and Dillon's Rolling Western

This week on Pocketoid, we have a pretty awesome episode for you guys! First off, we're joined by Destructoid community bro vApathyv to talk in-depth about the PS Vita. We also cover last week's Nintendo Direct and all the news that came out of that. That's not all though! There was some Pokemon stuff that happened I guess? Something about Black and White 2 or something? We talk about that as well. We've also got thoughts on the iPhone games Ziggurat and Temple Run, a review of the DSiware game Box Pusher, and a whole lot of love for Dillon's Rolling Western!

Like I said, this is a pretty awesome episode! It's also cram-packed with a bunch of stuff! We hope that you guys enjoy it, sorry that it's a little late.

Pocketoid Episode 16 - Metal Gear Solid 3D and Tales of the Abyss with Tara Long!


This week on Pocketoid we are joined by The Dtoid Show's own Tara Long! We gonna talk at you about some Metal Gear Solid 3D, Tales of the Abyss, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Dead or Alive Dimensions, and some other junk! Tara had to leave early in this episode, so everything is kind of out of order and jumbled around, but let's not pretend that this podcast is the pinnacle of organization in the first place. Anyway, we think that it's a pretty awesome episode and it was great having Tara on. We hope that you enjoy it guys!

Pocketoid Episode 15 - Resident Evil Revelations Overload!!

This week on Pocketoid, SO MUCH RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS! Don't worry, there is some other stuff too. We discuss how I've gotten back into Front Mission DS, we talk about more of our PS Vita annoyances and concerns, and we mention a bit more about Sakura Samurai as well. We know that this episode is a little late, but we worked hard to edit it down and I think it turned out pretty well! We hope that you guys enjoy it!

Pocketoid Episode 14 - Lots of DSiware Reviews, Sakura Samurai, and PSVita Impressions!!

This week on Pocketoid, we've got a PACKED episode for you guys! We've got reviews for 4 new DSiware games, 3 Heroes: Crystal Soul, Gaia's Moon, Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish, and Go Series: Undead Storm! We throw out a whole lot of love in Sakura Samurai's direction and give our impressions after playing a Playstation Vita for the first time! It's gonna get crazy!! Thank you so much to the publishers who sent us review copies of their DSiware games! We can't wait to see what you guys are working on next. And to everyone else, we hope you enjoy the episode, because we think it's a pretty good one!

Pocketoid Episode 13 - Mutant Mudds and Mighty Switch Force

This week on Pocketoid, we discuss the new and awesome eShop games Mutant Mudds and Mighty Switch Force! Also, the Nintendo investors meeting news and other stuff. I think that this is a pretty good episode, but Addison was acting kind of drunk for some reason, hahaha. It's ADD-tastic. Welp! We hope you enjoy it! We're going to try and get episodes out a bit closer to the recording date from now on so that the news isn't as outdated. Also, we should have some reviews on a couple of DSiware games on the blog soon! Stay tuned!

Blast From The Past!

Hey guys, it's me, Addison/Crackity Jones. I just thought I'd share with you a little relic from the olden days that I came across tonight. It's a picture of myself taken with a GameBoy Camera and printed on an old GameBoy Printer. And surprise, surprise I'm surrounded by Pokemon.

Pocketoid Episode 12 - Resident Evil Revelaitons Demo and Tons More!

This week on Pocketoid we have Ian Cheong as a guest with us. Ian runs Gameranx, a website about video games. VIDEO GAMES.

We talk about demos this week, especially the Resident Evil Revelations demo! Some portable news, and a ton of junk that isn't really handheld related but whatevs. So get your party hats on and grab your 3DS and join us for fun times yo! Also, don't forget to rate us on iTunes and subscribe. And hell, tell your friends too while you're at it.

Pocketoid Episode 11 - Mario Kart 7, Pushmo, and Million More Games

AAAANNNNNDDDDD WERE BACK!! Sorry guys, we had a lot of dumb going on but we should be much more regular from now on, we promise this time! In this episode we get all caught up and we discuss Mario Kart 7, Pushmo, and lots of games and junk. So give us a second chance and a listen! WE STILL LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. Theres a bit of dead air at the beginning, sorry about that. There IS an episode after the deadair.