Pocketoid Episode 9 - Starfox 64 3D and Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011

Addison and I recorded this episode of Pocketoid about a week ago, directly after the Nintendo 3DS Press Conference. That also means that we recorded this episode pretty late at night as well though. SO, sorry if we sound a bit tired, haha. Also, I talk way to much in this episode, but Addison didn't watch the conference so I had to explain most of it to him. MONSTER HUNTER GAIS.

Pocketoid Episode 8 - Craziness and Off Topic with Destructoid's Tony Ponce!

Pocketoid is the Destructoid community's one and only portable gaming podcast! This week we had a special guest! Destructoid editor and all around chill bro, Tony Ponce! This episode actually managed to go SO off topic that we recorded for about 2 1/2 hours, hahaha. Since that is just way way way too long, I had to edit it down to right around an hour. SO! If it sounds like there are some awkward cuts, that is why. Sorry to Tony as well if he is upset about anything getting cut out. I hope you guys enjoy! This episode is crazy!

An Apology...

Guys, I need to apologize. We have two episodes recorded and ready to go, but I haven't uploaded them because the first turned out to be about 2 1/2 hours long and need to be edited down to an hour. I am very very sorry. I can see from the feed and the site stats that you guys have been checking back for new episodes and they flat-out have not been here even though we said we were recording them. I feel really bad. The episodes (especially episode 8) are a little out of date now, but I hope that you will still enjoy them when I upload them later today. When we record this weekend, I will make sure to have episode 10 edited on time. I don't like to have my time wasted and I know that you don't either, so once again I apologize.

Pocketoid Episode 7 - POKEMON GEN 1

Pocketoid is Destructoids one and only portable gaming podcast! In this episode Addison and Jordan are joined by Brett and Bennett to talk about Pokemon Geeration 1! That's the original 151 bro! We take a trip back in time to talk about the portable games that are probably nearest and dearest to our hearts. This episode is 2 hours long and I thought about dividing it into two parts, but who cares? Just enjoy it! Nobody is making you listen to the whole thing!

ALSO! Jordan bought a new mic, so the sound quality is INFINITELY better! No more pops! Also, I realize that the episodes have been a little out of date lately, I'll try to fix that this week and get the episode edited faster.